Spring Fling Glam Cookie Box

Spring Fling Glam Cookie Box

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 Rocky Rowdy Road: dark chocolate dough base loaded with Almond M&Ms, marshmallows; stuffed with a chocolate oozing core with marshmallow bits! 

Glazed Oreo: naked dough base loaded with birthday cake Oreos, sprinkles, stuffed with our funfetti sugarplum filling - white glazed, more sprinkles & Oreo crumbs! 

The After Party: oreo crumb dough base stuffed with perfect swirls of cookie butter and Nutella! Topped with neon sprinkles & Oreo crumbs! 

Spring Fudge: Naked dough base loaded with chocolate chips, m&ms, stuffed with our chocolate brownie fudge filling! 

Each Glam Cookie Box will include 4 (FOUR) individual Glam Cookies. 

Glam Cookie Nutrition break down can be found on our nutrition tab. 

Glam Cookies should be refrigerated upon delivery to extend the life; they can also be frozen.

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

**If the cookie comes cracked/crumbled, bag rips, chocolate chips begin to melt, etc; NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. You are buying a baked good that is being SHIPPED ACROSS THE COUNTRY- we are not God and cannot get the item to you in perfect condition! We do our best to package them accordingly. Thank you**

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