All sales are final, no refunds, exchanges or address changes after purchase. Items can not be swapped out or added, orders cannot be combined.

All orders have a 1-2 week turn around time unless differently specified in their respective description.

All orders are shipped with the USPS. We are NOT the USPS. Tuesday-Saturday the USPS comes to the Dough Palace Bakery to pick up orders. They DO NOT scan our packages which means you will see a pre shipment message on your tracking until it is physically scanned at a USPS location.

What you see on your tracking is what we see- we don’t have magic powers to find your package. Again once it leaves our Bakery it is in the possession of the USPS, any tracking issues, including and not limited to: delays in shipping, lost package, damaged package, wrong address etc are between the buyer (you) and the shipping service (USPS). We will not issue you a new package. They provide insurance on your packages not us.

There are circumstances where the USPS may mishandle packages unfortunately this is out of our control. If a cookie or container of Pro-Dough cracks, melts, explodes, bag rips, etc we are NOT responsible. We are forward with this information because we have been in business many years and are aware that circumstances like this can occur.

As the buyer it is YOUR DUTY to track your package; if it’s 100° outside and you leave your package on your front steps until you get home from work: 1) it’s probably melted 2) bugs can get into the box!! Have the package delivered to your job or have a friend bring the package immediately inside for you.

We do not accept any order ship date requests, we cannot accommodate requests on when an order will be shipped/received. If you are leaving for vacation and your order is scheduled to ship, contact a friend or relative to recover your package once it’s been delivered.

My package has been in shipment for an extended period of time or was lost within the USPS?! What do I do?! Use your own judgement these goods are considered perishable so when you open up your package; follow the white post card with instructions in the the box. Smell and inspect the product if you have reason to believe it is “spoiled". There is no definitive answer as to if the product will be “good” or “bad”. The shelf life of the product is really indicative of the temperature it is kept at. Like most food if an item goes from hot to cold - hot to cold too many times it can go bad.

In most Postal Service hubs it is a large warehouse like structure with no heat so the building reflects the weather outside. EXAMPLE:We have successfully shipped to soldiers in Iraq and their items took over 30 days to arrive. Meanwhile we have shipped to New York with one day shipping, but the package sat in the heat all day so it melted.

If your package has been in transit or lost within the postal system for more then 15 days you can file a claim with the USPS for a lost or stolen package. Under no circumstance will we file a claim for you! The USPS insures the packages, the postage you paid for with your purchase, if the package is lost after that 15 day window, visit their website and file a claim. 

Remember we are a BAKERY not shipping and freight experts! We do not have magic powers to make your order appear! 

If you have an issue with an order you can email us directly at


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