Mystery Pro-Dough

Mystery Pro-Dough

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Random Container of Pro-Dough, can literally be any flavor ! No requests accepted. 

Dunk-A-Roos extra are random smaller sizes of our classic Dunk-A-Roo flavor 

Introducing our Pro-Dough ! that’s right egg-less edible Protein Cookie Dough!

How Do I Eat It?: The beauty of Pro-Dough you can eat it however you like, "raw", microwaved 10-15 seconds warm and gooey, baked as a cookie, frozen.

Shelf Life:
----Counter Top/Room Temp: 5-7 days
----Fridge: 2 weeks
----Freezer: 3+ weeks

Bake Pro-Dough: cookie sheet or greased baking tray, begin with Pro-Dough at room temperature scoop small ball sizes out and press slightly flat onto tray, each container should create about 8-9 cookies. Bake at 350 10-13 minutes or until golden brown edges.

DISCLAIMER: All of the products of DEES DELICIOUS DELIGHTS LLC are made in a commercial kitchen that holds and processes: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Dairy Products, Meats, & Seafood. Cross Contamination is always possible. It is your responsibility as the buyer to read the allergen info listed in the second photo..

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