Brookie Glam Cookie Pack

Brookie Glam Cookie Pack

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The Brookie-O Oreos have been released! These limited edition Oreos have caused quite the hype across social media; this 4 pack of Glam Cookies features the amazing new Oreos! Check it out !

Brookie Babe: brownie batter dough base is loaded with swirls of chocolate chip dough, next we rush in the Brookie-O Oreos, and fudge brownie chunks! This babe is filled with a rich dark chocolate fudge center! That will oooze when rewarmed! Topped with an Oreo dusting & glitter! 

Brookie Tart: our classic naked dough base is loaded with the Brookie-O Oreos, AND Chocolate Chip Pop-Tarts, next we stuff this bish up with our Palace made Chocolate Bavarian Creme filling. 

Brownie M&Mster: our classic naked dough base is swirled with brownie batter fudge, chocolate chip cookie dough bites, and fudge brownie M&Ms, we stuffed the M&Mster with our Sugarplum chocolatey chip filling, M&M crumbs ontop! 

Brooke’s Kitchen Sink: our classic naked dough base is loaded with the Brookie-O Oreos, rainbow confetti chips, we stuffed this Brooke with our Kitchen Sink Sugarplum filling (which is a blend of Oreo cream, fudge, sprinkles, and chocolate chips) ! 

Each set will include 4 cookies, 1 of each mentioned above. 

Allergic/caloric breakdown for Glam Cookies & Fillings can be found on the Nutrition tab of the Dough Palace Shopify.

Refrigerate upon delivery.

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

**If the cookie comes cracked/crumbled, bag rips, chocolate chips begin to melt, etc; NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. You are buying a baked good that is being SHIPPED ACROSS THE COUNTRY- we are not God and cannot get the item to you in perfect condition! We do our best to package them accordingly. If a cream or fruit filling spoils while in transit this is also not our responsibility, delays in shipping are out of our control. Thank you**

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