Cookies n’ Cream Frostin’
Cookies n’ Cream Frostin’
Cookies n’ Cream Frostin’

Cookies n’ Cream Frostin’

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Vanilla Frostin’ base is loaded with Oreo crumbles! 

Introducing FROSTIN’ - after making countless flavors of Pro-Dough over the years, we heard our customer’s feedback of how much they loved our dairy free buttercream frosting! So here it is! Great to use as a spread (perhaps on Protein Waffles or pancakes?) in oat bowls, yogurt, rice cakes! 

**PLEASE NOTE: This is a new product so we have not done a full macronutrient lab breakdown yet; thus no nutrition label will be provided at this time**

1 container = 285-290g  
Approx 8 servings per container
1 serving = 2 tbsp

Oils within the product may separate during transit (just like how peanut butter separates!) stir well before use. 

Shelf Life:
----Counter Top/Room Temp: 5-7 days
----Fridge: 2 weeks

Product comes in a standard 8oz plastic deli container. We are not responsible if the container cracks or become damage during transit. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. 

DISCLAIMER: All of the products of DEES DELICIOUS DELIGHTS LLC are made in a commercial kitchen that holds and processes: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Dairy Products, Meats, & Seafood. Cross Contamination is always possible. It is your responsibility as the buyer to read the allergen info.

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